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Please help keep iSpace Mining Pools free to use by donating BTC to 38mKtLbEdpAqEUgRQv7fJUXeX6UiZJTbFS
Please ensure all of your coins are withdrawn to your own wallets within 4 weeks of mining to avoid losing them.
iSpace Mining Pools is not responsible for the long term storage of any coins.


Algo: pos
Difficulty: 0.01659240
Confirmations: 120
Wallet Version: v1.0.0.1-g32a928e

Our Last Block: 570,765
Last Block: long time ago


Last 10 Blocks

570,76531/07/2017 10:53:38119 left0.0337957526,972,946iSpace Mining7.64
569,95130/07/2017 10:20:20119 left0.0584509283,915,098iSpace Mining9.5
567,99827/07/2017 07:39:10119 left0.2183328319,821,195iSpace Mining9.97
567,49526/07/2017 14:15:17119 left0.0346773210,397,870iSpace Mining4.94
567,22026/07/2017 05:06:06119 left0.0240671312,460,093iSpace Mining2.19
566,93125/07/2017 18:09:52119 left0.043126206,734,705iSpace Mining9.3
566,78325/07/2017 12:14:11117 left0.033857193,024,294iSpace Mining7.82
566,71425/07/2017 09:32:20116 left0.0309371287,764,750iSpace Mining7.13
564,16122/07/2017 03:01:02119 left0.0357336852,507,080iSpace Mining1.6
562,74720/07/2017 03:29:07119 left0.0198402441,124,130iSpace Mining7.46