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Marijuanacoin POS

Algo: pos
Difficulty: 0.01018390
Confirmations: 12
Wallet Version: v1.0.0.1

Our Last Block: 1,122,502
Last Block: 4.75 minutes


Last 10 Blocks

1,122,50218/02/2018 07:00:265 left0.00930806414,242iSpace Mining1
1,122,50118/02/2018 07:00:134 left0.009287715,661,265iSpace Mining1
1,122,47318/02/2018 06:45:37Confirmed0.01072308414,233iSpace Mining1
1,122,47018/02/2018 06:44:39Confirmed0.010682061,933,066iSpace Mining1
1,122,46218/02/2018 06:39:30Confirmed0.010575383,728,011iSpace Mining1
1,122,43818/02/2018 06:30:23Confirmed0.011225007,727,758iSpace Mining1
1,122,38718/02/2018 06:14:06Confirmed0.009356470iSpace Mining1.0001
1,122,38518/02/2018 06:11:25Confirmed0.009381101,793,839iSpace Mining1
1,122,38318/02/2018 06:07:28Confirmed0.010200366,209,407iSpace Mining1
1,122,36818/02/2018 05:51:26Confirmed0.010416721,517,848iSpace Mining1